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Loved The Hunger Games books, but the first movie adaptation was pretty weak, even though I really liked it. 

This is spot on. Funny stuff.

Sick of tweets about me working out? ;D

This song is about 3 minutes too long, but it’s kinda cool. Reminds me of my students who live on Hot Cheetos & Takis. Someone should do a Mexican kids version of this. And that hook is so catchy.

Actor Nolan Gould (from Modern Family) does a little “cooking” show for kids who might have to fend for themselves while their parents are away. Funny stuff. Check it.

This song has been played to death, but Gotye has essentially taken the song back and, in homage, created a remix of hundreds of covers of his own song. What he made is absolutely brilliant.  ”A YouTube Orchestra.”


Make and Bake “Indie Craft Fair”! Come out & support local indie artists and Shweet! at Somos in Oldtown Salinas on Friday, September 7th!

I could listen to and watch these kids sing and perform all day. Such great attitudes and musicianship. Fun!

You’re welcome. 


Fat Guy Has Baby Doll Growing Out of Him

Start the reactor!

A shining example of what Jesus meant when he said, “Love your neighbor…” #selfless